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Jeff Chase. He's done it all. Advertising Executive, Real Estate Broker, Developer, Songwriter (Yes, he's been on the charts), Actor (starred in several films), Screenplay Writer. He's even a licensed Professional Boxing Referee. But, he's also the guiding force in a growing company devoted to high quality design and world-class professional service. Jeff leads his assembled force of graphic design specialists, web site developers, multi-media engineers and support personnel with vision and humility. :)

Jeff Chase
Jeff Chase - President

Richard Michaels. An expert data technician, skilled in all aspects of data integration - ASP, Access, SQL, etc... We have to allow Richard his freedom to travel at will around the country when Fortune 500 companies call upon him. He's highly sought after as a consultant by such companies as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.

Donna Chase. Accounting and Copy Specialist Extraordinaire. Donna handles all corporate accounting and makes sure that all copy is letter and spelling perfect. Her professionalism rubs off on the rest of our group. We receive straight "A's" from all our clients for the quality work we publish whether it's Web related or collateral print materials for supplemental marketing.

Donna Chase
Donna Chase - Design

Chris Kane. Audio/Video Production Guru. Chris handles live remote Audio and Video feeds. He's also an expert at HTML, PERL, C++, Java, JavaScript, VBscript, and just about every other programming language known to Man. If you need a custom application written to interface your web site with your LAN or other network application, Chris is the go-to guy.

Chris Kane
Chris Kane - Audio/Video

Our Laboratory. Depending on the job, any number of additional outsource specialists will be directly involved in your project. Our large pool of professionals can handle any sized project. Whether it's Web site Design, Interactive CD ROM, Live On-Site Streaming Audio or Video, Video Production, or Music Production we have the resources to complete each project on time and within or under budget. That's our promise to you.

Our Laboratory...Planet Earth
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